Reliable Arts is a full-service dental laboratory located in San Jose, the beautiful capital city of Costa Rica. From metal to ceramic, single tooth to full mouth, the dedicated team of dental technicians at Reliable Arts can provide you with the perfect solution for all of your patients’ dental restoration needs.

Reliable Arts, like other well-known dental companies such as Invisalign,  is proud to call Costa Rica home. The country’s abundance of highly-skilled dental technicians and its close proximity to its U.S.-based dentist customers make it an ideal location for Reliable Arts to produce outstanding products at an affordable price.

A New Direction

Quality, Consistency & Dependability – That’s what you can expect from Reliable Arts!

Since our inception, Reliable Arts has been committed to providing U.S.- based dentists consistently beautiful restoration products at a low cost. Our team of expertly-skilled dental technicians custom-fabricate each case with an unmatched degree of care and precision. This meticulous attention to detail and the excellent value of our products is why so many U.S. dentists trust Reliable Arts for their restoration needs.

Our extensive line of premium restoration products delivers dependable performance and unsurpassed aesthetics.

Being located in beautiful Costa Rica allows us to produce top-of-the-line products for dramatically less than typical U.S. prices. This is a cost savings we are proud to pass along to our customers.


We stand behind our products and our work. Our goal is to assure that you and your patient are completely satisfied with the results.